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Coburg Tips: The Franconian city of palaces and castles

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When we think of Coburg, one thing comes to mind above all: the imposing castles and castles that are located in and around Coburg. We were already fascinated when we arrived in Coburg: No matter where we looked, in the distance we saw the outline of a small castle in every direction.

And even if it was the castles and Castles were with which Coburg managed to inspire us, so the old town is also well worth seeing. Coburg was now the fifth stop on our road trip through Franconia.

In this blog article we tell you about the most beautiful sights in Coburg and give you our personal tips. We will also show you which specialties you should definitely try – because there are a lot of them in Coburg.

1. Walk through the old town of Coburg The first walk through the city makes it clear to us: Coburg’s old town wants to show what she can. She presents herself dressed up, well-groomed and very picturesque. The most important sights in Coburg are the many palaces and castles in the city, some of which are outside the city limits. A stroll through the old town should also be part of the sightseeing program when you are in Coburg.

The expansive market square is well worth seeing. The The majority of the building ensemble appears to be of one piece. If you turn towards Rathaus you have a wonderful view with the Morizkirche in the background. In case you’re wondering why the space in our photo is so empty, we got there early on a Sunday when the rest of the city was still asleep.

2. Palaces & Castles: The most important sights in Coburg The density of palaces in and around Coburg is enormous. Four palaces and castles are particularly well known to visitors – two of which are located in the city center of Coburg: the Veste and Ehrenburg Castle. We have visited all four palaces and castles and in this chapter we will tell you what to expect when you visit.

Veste Coburg The medieval Veste Coburg is enthroned on a hill above the city center. With its gigantic walls and towers, it is definitely one of those buildings that kept our gaze fixed.

It is definitely worth visiting the Veste Coburg up close . It houses some exhibitions, although you can “only” walk through the castle area. You will reach the Veste Coburg after about 25-minute walk from the old town (uphill!) through the Hofgarten.

By the way, there is also a very idyllic castle tavern. The beer garden there is perfect for a short sightseeing break.

Information on visiting the Veste Opening hours: from April to October from 9: 30 until 17 o’clock, from November to March from 06 until 16 o’clock (at this time of year also closed on Mondays), outside the opening hours you can “only” get to the castle wall

Entrance fee for the art collections: 8 euros for adults (the outdoor area is accessible free of charge)

Ehrenburg Castle A highlight that deals with ten in the city is the Ehrenburg Palace. With its neo-Gothic facade, Ehrenburg Palace is quite an eye-catcher. If you have time and would like to feel a bit like being transported back in time, then we can recommend that you also see the interior of the castle.

Ehrenburg Castle was once the residence of the Dukes of Saxe-Coburg. For example, you can visit the bedroom of the English Queen Victoria in Ehrenburg Castle. And: Ehrenburg Palace is also home to what is said to be the first flushing toilet in Europe.

The interior of Ehrenburg Palace can only be seen as part of a guided tour. . Guided tours start on the hour and last almost an hour. Our personal highlight was definitely the giant hall. In case you are wondering about the seating in our photo: Concerts take place here regularly. Good for concert-goers (because the ambience is simply fantastic), bad for us (because we were denied the clear impression of this magnificent hall).

Information about visiting the Ehrenburg Castle
Opening hours:
in the summer season from 9 to 18 hours, shorter opening hours in winter, every Closed on Mondays

Guide: Visit only possible as part of a guided tour, on the hour
Entry: 5 euros for adults

Lock Callenberg Callenberg Castle is also well worth seeing ch in the Baiersdorf district in an idyllic location. The Dukes of Saxe-Coburg once resided here. Callenberg Castle is still privately owned by the family, but fortunately you can still visit it.

Our personal highlight? The decision is difficult: On the one hand, there is the view from the top floor. From there you have a great view towards Coburg. And then of course there is the romantic rose garden – you simply have to see it when you visit Callenberg Castle.

Information about visiting Callenberg Castle Opening times:
from April to October from 11 until 18 h, from November to March from 13 until 16 o’clock, closed every Monday

Entry: 7 euros for adults (this is the only way to get to the rose garden)

Castle Rosenau The fourth castle we visited is this Rosenau Castle – although “little castles” would be more appropriate. We don’t mean that in a negative way – quite the opposite! Rosenau Castle is wonderfully idyllic just outside of Coburg. It is surrounded by forests and meadows and that’s why we immediately felt at home – just like Queen Victoria of England, by the way. Supposedly she would have preferred to make Rosenau Castle her place of residence.

Information on visiting Rosenau Castle Opening hours: in the summer season from 9 to 18 hours, reduced opening hours in winter, closed every Monday

Visit only possible as part of a guided tour, on the hour

Entry: 5 euros for adults (outdoor area accessible free of charge)

3. Sunset in Coburg: Our favorite places & tips Because we were able to experience two very beautiful sunsets in Coburg Of course we won’t withhold from you where we liked it best.

Coburger Schlossplatz For us, the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Coburg is directly behind (or in front of) Ehrenburg Castle. From there you have a wonderful view of the old town and of course the castle. You can make yourself comfortable in the meadow or on one of the benches with a cool drink.

Veste Coburg A very popular meeting place at sunset is also the area around the Veste Coburg. The castle itself already encloses 13 (or in winter at o’clock), but the area around the castle is accessible at all times. The view is a little overgrown, but through some gaps in the trees you still have a nice view towards the city.

4. Event tip: Coburg Design Days We were lucky: the Coburg Design Days were taking place when we visited. At this event, which takes place once a year in Coburg, everything – as the name suggests – revolves around design.

We were quite surprised and would not have thought of such an elaborate and professionally organized event. In a rather unusual location, the former goods station, designers show their works. There are also lectures and workshops.

The creative and very lovingly designed outdoor area is also worth mentioning: In addition to the bar and the bistro, we found the biotope great. Putting your feet in there was a real pleasure in the summer temperatures.

Information on the Design Days in Coburg Meeting: a few days in May/June (appointment for 2021 is still undetermined)


5. Culinary art in Coburg: specialties & restaurant tips Anyone who knows us knows: we love to eat, especially when travelling. In Coburg, however, the whole thing was even more fun than usual, because there are an unusually large number of specialties and culinary specialties to be discovered here.

Coburg coffee workshop A must for coffee lovers: the Coburg coffee workshop. Coffee is roasted and offered for sale here in a very small space. Of course, coffee specialties are also prepared and sold directly in the shop.

Address: In the town house, market 10, 96450 Coburg

Coburger Schmätzchen in the Feyler bakery The sweet specialty of Coburg is called “Coburger Schmätzchen”. What can you imagine? A gingerbread-like pastry made from honey dough that tastes a bit reminiscent of Christmas. The Coburger Schmätzchen are baked in the Feyler confectionery according to the traditional family recipe. By the way: In addition to the classic Schmä There are also Goldschätzchen, which are covered with chocolate and decorated with real gold leaf.

Rosengasse 6-8, Coburg

Coburger Bratwurst Meat eaters in Coburg can hardly avoid the city’s most famous hearty specialty. The Coburg bratwurst is fried and sold in a tiny cart right on the market square. We can reassure anyone who is now concerned about finding the grill wagon: You can recognize your destination from afar by the column of steam that is blown into the air from the small wagon.

The special feature included: The Coburg bratwurst is grilled over an open fire. However, no conventional wood is used for this, but pine cones. And: The Coburger Bratwurst is served in a fairly small bun that is cut open from above (and not from the side).

Brauhaus zu Coburg The Brauhaus zu Coburg is the only brewery in the city of Coburg. Reason enough that we stopped by there. Very tasty Franconian cuisine and of course home-brewed beer is served here. On warm days it is very nice to sit at the tables outside in front of the restaurant.

Address :
Nägleinsgasse 4, 2018 Coburg

Holy liquor in the court pharmacy For generations, the court pharmacy on the market square has not only sold medicines, but also liqueur brewed. The exact ingredients are a closely guarded family secret. What is certain, however, is that the court liqueur tastes sweet and spicy.

Address: Market 13, 96450 Coburg

6. Our hotel tip for Coburg We stayed for two nights in the Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube, which we tell you can highly recommend! What we liked so much: The house has history and is still very modern. We felt right at home in our above-average room from the very first moment and slept excellently.

Our tip: Don’t miss out on the pretty wellness area. It was recently renovated and is a soothing oasis after a hard day’s sightseeing. Incidentally, the breakfast deserves special praise: there is everything your heart desires. The location of the hotel is very central and therefore perfect for exploring the city. We would come back anytime!

You can book the hotel here: Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube

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Have you been to Coburg? What were your highlights? Please leave us your tips for Coburg here – we look forward to your comments!