Canggu: Our 5 highlights & tips for Bali's hipster spot

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Welcome to Canggu, probably the hippest place in Bali. Canggu has developed in recent years like no other village in Bali: once a sleepy coastal town, today an Instagram paradise and digital nomad hotspot. Nowhere else in Bali are the smoothie bowls more photogenic, the people prettier and the vibes cooler than in Canggu.

Canggu is a magnet for young travelers and we too wanted to get our own impression of what is perhaps the trendiest place in Bali. Our conclusion: It wasn’t really great love, but we would come back and we also understand why Canggu is the trend travel destination par excellence.

Are you considering traveling to Canggu as well? In this article we will show you what awaits you there and of course reveal our personal tips for your trip to Canggu.

1. Canggu: First information & things worth knowing at a glance Canggu is located on the south coast of Bali, Not far from the tourist spots of Seminyak and Kuta. However, the vibe in Canggu is completely different: In Canggu you will meet surfer girls and boys, relaxed people, digital nomads and young families.

The bad news: Canggu itself is not a very nice place. That may sound a bit harsh, but Canggu clearly thrives on the “cool” vibes. The main beaches of Canggu (Batu Bolong or Echo Beach) are by no means as paradisiacal as they are she might hope for. The sand is quite dark and the water is often dirty. But you will find the perfect surfing conditions here – one of the reasons why so many people are drawn to Canggu.

Canggu is surrounded by rice fields. The nature is not nearly as spectacular as around Ubud, for example, but it is still very beautiful. Good to know: Canggu is quite spread out. “The” center does not really exist, but Canggu stretches over a distance of several kilometers.

For whom is Canggu suitable as a travel destination? For surfers and those who want to learn: The range of surf schools and surf camps in Canggu is quite large and probably nowhere else in Bali will you find so many people with their surfboards on their scooters roaring through the area. For foodies: There are more hip spots in Canggu than you will ever taste during your trip. True to the motto “The eye eats with you” you can also look forward to artistically prepared food and drinks. For digital nomads or people who are looking for a retreat to work or relax for a longer period of time: It sounds strange, but the digital scene in Canggu is really big, the internet is fast and stable and the range of wonderful accommodations is huge. If you are looking for a seaside resort for a classic beach holiday, then we would advise against Canggu. The beaches are not really inviting for swimming. You can swim in the sea, but the currents are quite strong.

Best time to go to Canggu There are two seasons in Indonesia: rainy season and dry season. The climate is tropical all year round, which means you have to be prepared for a very high humidity.

The dry season (approx. from April/May to October) is that season with the more stable weather conditions. It tends to rain less – but there is still a downpour or two! We ourselves were once in April and May in Bali and found it very pleasant there. Apart from the fact that we had little rainfall, the landscape was lush green and beautiful right after the rainy season.

December and January are considered the months with the most rainfall. However, we can reassure you: In January we were already in Bali (eg in Canggu) and didn’t think it was that wild. Sure, the sky was often cloudy and it rained a lot – but there was also a lot of sunshine.

The sea is often very cloudy in the rainy season and a lot more garbage is usually washed up. In any case, during the rainy season you should be prepared for the fact that your plans will definitely be thwarted by a downpour from time to time.

How do I get from A to B in Canggu? Canggu is comparatively spread and extends over several kilometers. Most people therefore rent a scooter to reach beaches and restaurants quickly and easily.

You can also walk some stretches, but on the one hand, this is really exhausting in the long run (especially in the midday heat), on the other hand, Canggu (like the whole of Bali) is not necessarily the most pedestrian-friendly travel destination. For example, there are often no sidewalks and it is not uncommon to have to walk past a pack of barking dogs. (There are comparatively very, very many dogs all over Bali.)

We therefore recommend that you rent a scooter for your time in Canggu. The easiest way to do this is through your accommodation. You can get a scooter for about 24. IDR per day. The longer you rent the scooter, the sooner you can negotiate a discount. Important: Riding a scooter in Southeast Asia always involves risk. We will tell you our tips for safe scooter riding in this article: Indonesia Travel Tips.

Travel Guide for Indonesia: Our Tips We recommend the travel guides by Stefan Loose for Indonesia. These are always our number one for Southeast Asia because they are well researched and very detailed and filled with good tips. Depending on whether you are only traveling to Bali (and Lombok) or also to other Indonesian islands, we can recommend the following two travel guides:

Travel Guide Stefan Loose Bali & Lombok Travel Guide Stefan Loose Indonesia

2. Five Things You Can Do in Canggu: Our Tips Surfing in Canggu One thing is hard to avoid in Canggu: surfing. The beaches of Canggu are considered to be the most famous (and busiest) surf spots in Bali. Everywhere there are tanned people walking around with surfboards or taking their boards for a ride on a scooter.

If you want to learn to surf, then Canggu is definitely a good place for that. There are surf courses and surf camps in Canggu like sand on the sea. We can recommend The Chillhouse Bali (where we stayed ourselves). Surfing courses are offered there with very well trained surfing instructors.

If surfing is not your thing: No problem – we can understand that too. It’s also fun to just watch the surfers from the beach. However, for sea swimming, there are definitely better corners in Bali than Canggu, you should be aware of that.

Yoga in Canggu Although Ubud is actually the yoga center par excellence in Bali, you will also find plenty of opportunities to practice your sun salutations in Canggu. On the one hand, there are many accommodations with own yoga shalas or courses and on the other hand numerous yoga studios.

We ourselves were lucky that a yoga class took place twice a day directly in our accommodation (The Chillhouse Bali). . The offer ranges from quiet meditation units to demanding Vinyasa flows. So if you are looking for accommodation with a wide range of yoga options, we can highly recommend the Chillhouse. We will give you more information about our stay further down in this blog article.

If you are looking for a yoga studio, then we will The Practice to the heart. You practice here under a huge bamboo roof – a unique location with a very special ambience. The yoga teachers are also very experienced here.

Good food: Canggu for foodies Canggu is a paradise for those who love good food. The range of hip places in Canggu is crazy big and new restaurants and cafés are added every day. From cheap warungs (simple, authentic places) to stylish hipster cafés, everything is included.

Crate Café: One of our very favorite breakfast spots in Canggu. The Crate Café is so popular that it’s often packed in the mornings. We love the Peas Please breakfast: avocado toast with spinach, poached egg and peas – delicious! You should definitely stop by here when you are in Canggu.

Café Organic: Very pretty (“Instagram-worthy”) café with delicious smoothie bowls The reviews on relevant platforms are sometimes mixed, but we ate very well here.

The Shady Shack: Highly recommended vegetarian restaurant with many vegan ones dishes. The ambience is also great: you’re sitting here in the countryside (don’t forget the mosquito repellent).

Peloton Superstore: Another trendy place and a paradise for vegans. The food is delicious and the ambiance very cozy.

Warning Dandelion : If you want to go out for a traditional Indonesian meal in the evening, then go to the Warung Dandelion. Here you sit in a very beautiful, romantic garden. The price level is more than fair and the service is exceptionally courteous.

Finns Beach Club: We were not in the Beach Club itself, only in the associated bar. The prices are rather high, but you can watch great sunsets from here.

Watch the sunset in Canggu Canggu faces southwest. The beaches of Canggu are therefore made for magnificent sunsets. You can just make yourself comfortable in the sand or take a seat in one of the countless bars. The sun sets in Bali all year round between 000 and 18: 24 clock below – ideal for a sundowner before dinner.

Nightlife: Partying in Canggu Last but not least: Anyone who wants to party is in good hands in Canggu. There is now no day of the week without a party or event taking place somewhere. Admittedly, we’re not party people at all, but we didn’t miss the opportunity to experience the nightlife in Canggu.

One of the hotspots is Old Man’s , which is located directly on Batu Bolong Beach. During the day it is very comfortable here. In the early evening there is live music and sometimes a DJ. The legendary Sunday parties at Deus are also jam-packed. Local bands often play here and people dance all night long.

3. Where to sleep? Our hotel tip for Canggu We stayed at The Chillhouse Bali for a week and can recommend this accommodation to you warmly recommend. The name says it all: The Chillhouse is about relaxing. Two yoga units are offered daily in the in-house yoga shala. You can also book surfing courses here.

The rooms make you feel good: we stayed in one of the really tasteful deluxe rooms. The breakfast is excellent – especially We especially liked the different smoothie bowls. The dinner (can be booked) was excellent. You usually eat at one of the large tables with other guests – like in a big family.

That brings us to the next point: The atmosphere in the chill house is very familiar and personal. It’s easy to socialize (so perfect for solo travelers), but there’s plenty of room to withdraw. The complex is quite spacious and green. There are two pools and the massages offered are highly recommended.

The chill house is a bit out of the way – it’s about a five minute scooter ride to the beach. But it is very quiet and relaxed all around. Our conclusion: We would stay here again at any time!

You can book the accommodation here: The Chillhouse Bali

Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliates Left. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you been to Canggu before and have more tips? Or are you planning a trip to Canggu and still have questions? We look forward to your comment!