Brazilian fintech launches loans for companies with blockchain and DeFi

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Brazilian fintech a55 is launching loans to companies with blockchain technology and DeFi support. Since 2021, the company has sought to expand its services to Mexico as well, being a company that grows with an eye on Latin America.

Fintechs are some of companies eyeing digital financial innovations. Thus, ignoring the advantages and innovations of cryptocurrencies is no longer a reality among these companies.

In 2021, for example, Endeavor Brasil sought fintechs of cryptocurrencies to accelerate their business, showing the high interest of entrepreneurs in this sector.

Fintech a55 launches loans for companies with blockchain and DeFi

A55 is a fintech that enables credit for companies that need an extra source of funds and that have an income predictable. Its platform connects bank accounts, billing data, payment methods and internet data intelligence.

In this way, more than BRL 400 million have already been lent to companies in Brazil and Mexico. And in search of growth, aa55 closed in February 2022 an operation to allow blockchain-based financing, through a protocol DeFi.

This new financing model uses USDC/BRZ stable cryptocurrencies, which will help fintech expand its financing services to small and medium-sized companies in Brazil and Mexico.

According to Hugo Mathecowitsch, CEO of a55, the history of the Latin American capital market is being built and, with the support of blockchain technology, the future can be bright .

“We are writing the history of capital markets in Latin America with the first transaction in this model in Brazil. This operation paves the way for a bright future, in which alternative data will become a reliable collateral through blockchain to generate liquidity globally and fund the growth of companies worldwide. We can’t wait to reiterate this transaction in Mexico and elsewhere.”

Belgium fintech help

To create the new credit technology, the infrastructure called DeFi-TradFi and the alternative securitization for the Latin American region had the help of the company Credix, from Belgium.

This credit protocol is powered by Solana blockchain technology. For the CEO of the Belgian cryptocurrency fintech, this is the revolution of the global credit markets.

Movile led a recent financial contribution in a55, which raised US$ 16, 3 million in January. As a result, it was possible to finance its TradeFi credit operations in Brazil, Europe and Mexico.

The capital markets director at a55 , Gabriel Zamora, says that integrating stablecoins and DeFi with fintech allows us to complement centralized services.

“Integrating stablecoins and liquidity protocols in our funding strategy is a way to important to complement centralized structures, choosing the best of both worlds and connecting DeFi solutions to traditional capital markets.”

With the international expansion of a55, DeFi-based liquidity pools are expected to become an important source of funding for the company, a situation that would make “crypto-TradFi” hybrid debt the new normal for its operation.