Brazil game pushes cryptocurrency regulation into the future

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Brazil’s World Cup game may have helped to postpone the regulation of cryptocurrencies, which was on the agenda in the plenary of the Chamber. There was expectation on the part of the market for approval this week, which probably will not happen.

With the end of the year approaching and the terms of office in the Chamber of Deputies approaching, everything indicates that the house’s work continues in slow pace.

In the last session, on Wednesday (23), for example, a bill to make São Luís the National Capital of Reggae was approved.

In addition, a project to prohibit the modification of Holy Bible texts has also advanced. It is not clear whether the cryptocurrency agenda can still be approved in 2022, despite the efforts of the market.

Jogo do Brasil postpones approval of the regulation of cryptocurrencies

The Brazilian team enters the field for the World Cup in Qatar this Thursday (16). In a match against Serbia, everything indicates that companies will close their working hours during the game, postponing their commitments.

And the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies is no different, with this Thursday’s session being unscheduled. Thus, a new meeting may be scheduled in the coming days, with a date not yet defined.

That is, it was not disclosed when the agenda for the regulation of cryptocurrencies will be discussed again in plenary.

Part of the cryptocurrency market is still hoping that the approval will take place in 2022. That’s because, brokerages allied with banks to send a letter to Arthur Lira, president of the Chamber, so that the project has approval urgently.

It is worth remembering that, the rules that are currently under discussion put the central bank as the body responsible for overseeing brokerage firms. The president-elect himself, Lula, has already said that he agrees with these rules.

Next week with more matches for Brazil

Next week, the national team Brazilian returns to the field twice more during working days. On Monday (23), at 13 hours, Brazil will face Switzerland, who won 1-0 in their debut against Cameroon .

Already on Friday (2/12), again at 16 hours, Brazil faces the selection of Cameroon.

It is not clear, however, if the “World Cup effect” will delay the vote on rules considered more controversial, such as the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Brazil.

That’s because, while part of the market is pressing for tougher rules, traders and enthusiasts prefer a freer sector. In any case, by the end of 2022 the market should have a position on the matter coming out of the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.