Blockchain police report begins to be tested

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A version of the incident report registered permanently on blockchain began to be tested by the Indian police, which has already created an official website for the population to start reporting problems online.

The test started to be carried out by the Firozabad Police (Uttar Pradesh Police), a state in northern India where the famous Taj Mahal is located.

The new solution is called “Complaint Management System Publics of Firozabad”, a tool that allows the population to register a BO about an occurrence from anywhere.

Occurrence bulletin with Polygon blockchain

A Indian police last week released their new blockchain tool for registering police reports in the state of Firozabad.

The pioneering tool in the country promises to relieve the state’s police stations and speed up the registrations made by the population.

In order to make the solution viable, the Indian police resorted to the use of the Polygon blockchain, a scalability solution linked to the Ethereum ecosystem.

The portal created allows the population to read all the information in English and Hindi, being able to register their complaints at zero cost. When opening an incident report, the complainant will be able to follow the progress of his case and if there is any delegate responsible for him, receiving notifications by SMS whenever the investigation progresses.

When the entire complaint of the BO, people will also receive an exclusive token to track their cases, a solution that can motivate police around the world to seek to modernize on the subject.

Sistema de boletim de ocorrência em blockchain lançado pela polícia indiana
Blockchain police report system launched by Indian Police. Reproduction.

It is worth remembering that the state of Firozabad is one of the most populous in India, second country in terms of number population second only to China.

“The FPGMS is a customized portal of the Firozabad Police (Uttar Pradesh Police) with the objective of to resolve complaints. Complaints can be lodged anywhere and will stop at the stations concerned where complaints prevail.”


Polygon ( MATIC) has appreciated in the last 30 days

Considered promising by cryptocurrency analysts, the Polygon (MATIC) is up 3.7% in the last 30 days, showing that its technology is following the market’s attention . This coin is the th most valuable by market cap today.

Chama Note that Polygon’s co-founders are of Indian origin, that is, with the new blockchain incident report system, they will be able to use their technology to help their country be more efficient.