Bled in Slovenia: Our tips and the most beautiful destinations around the lake

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The only island in Slovenia is not by the sea, but? Correct: In Bled. More precisely, in the middle of Lake Bled. The tiny little island (“Blejski Otok”) with the striking church is one of the most famous photo motifs in all of Slovenia. But Bled can do much more than just look pretty.

In this blog article we will show you why you should definitely make a short stopover in Bled on the lake of the same name (“Blejsko Jezero”) when traveling through Slovenia. should insert. We’ll tell you our best tips and tell you what there is to see and do in Bled and which excursions are worthwhile.

1. Bled & Lake Bled: Information at a glance The small town of Bled and the Alpine lake of the same name are among the most important sights of Slovenia. We’re not surprised: The scenery is kitschy beautiful. Many tour operators probably think so too, which is why Bled is a popular destination for day trips and for bus groups passing through. The small Bled can therefore get correspondingly full in the summer months. Some would probably call it overflowing. Either way: Bled is definitely worth a visit.

However, the focus is definitely not on the place itself. In our opinion, its beauty has been affected too much by tasteless hotel buildings. But Lake Bled with its pretty vantage points and the mountain backdrop on the horizon is a real gem.

How long should I stay in Bled? Bled is manageable, so you can see a lot of highlights with just one overnight stay. . A stopover on the way through is of course also possible. But our tip is more to spend a night or two in Bled. This way you can avoid rush hours at the main sights much better.

The best time of year to visit Bled We ourselves were in spring (beginning of April) in Bled and can highly recommend this time of year. Unfortunately, nature wasn’t as spring-like and green as we would have liked, but we found Bled to be quite peaceful and idyllic. The weather was very changeable during our visit – of course you have to expect that in April. Also important to know: In the off-season, you may have to reckon with restrictions on sightseeing. For example, the Vintgar Gorge was closed when we visited.

In summer Bled is transformed into a bathing lake. There is only one official swimming pool (below the castle), but you will always find bathing spots along the entire shore. In the summer months, however, Bled and the main sights (castle, Vintgar Gorge) can get quite crowded.

2. Top Sights & Activities in Bled Walk around Lake Bled What is the best way to start a stay in Bled? Our suggestion: take a walk around the lake. The circular hiking trail is just 6 kilometers long and therefore easy to do even without fitness. The walk is also easy to manage for older people or families with prams. Plan about 1.5 to 2 hours for the circumnavigation.

You will pass some benches, jetties, swimming areas and cafes on the walk. If you want, you can also take a detour up – be it to the castle or to one of the well-known vantage points in the southwest of the lake.

The best view of Lake Bled: Mala Osojnica In our opinion, a stay in Bled is not complete without seeing the lake from above. You have the most beautiful view of the striking island in the lake from one of the hills in the south-west of the lake. There are two well-known vantage points: Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica.

We decided on the slightly higher Mala Osojnica. You can reach it from the main road after a rather steep, 30 minute climb over a narrow forest path. The path runs uphill in a serpentine manner and is quite strenuous. Since it had rained before our visit, the ground was muddy in some sections and the roots were slippery. Nevertheless, we didn’t feel unsafe.

Unfortunately, the path is relatively poorly signposted. The wooden bench, which you reach after the climb over the long metal staircase is not the actual vantage point. From there you hike another five minutes until you reach the viewing platform and thus Mala Osojnica.

Information about the Mala viewpoint Osojnica Walking time: Approx. 25 Minutes uphill through the forest – sturdy shoes highly recommended.
Parking: The closest parking is at the campsite at a very expensive 3 euros per hour.

Bled Castle A visit to Bled Castle (“Blejski Grad”) is a must. It is enthroned on a hill near the town center and can either be reached on foot (15 minutes) or by car.

From the castle you can really enjoy Beautiful view of the lake, although you don’t have as good a view of the island as you do from the hills to the west of the lake. The only disadvantage: the entrance to the castle is with 11 Euro really covered. Unfortunately, the view is only waiting for you after the cash desk, so you can’t avoid paying the entrance fee. There is a free view point behind the castle, but it is rather meager compared to the one on the castle area.

Speaking of the castle area: In addition to several viewpoints, you can also visit a museum or a ( quite overpriced) coffee. It’s worth coming early! From about 10 The area was overrun by bus groups from Asia when we visited.

Info to visit Bled Castle Entry: 13 Euro
Parking: Directly at the castle for 3 euros for 2 hours

Opening hours: July to August: 8 am to 21 Watch; April to June and September and October: 8 to 19 Watch; November to March 8 to 18 Watch

Vintgar Gorge Just a few kilometers north of the center of Bled is a beautiful gorge that you should not miss: Vintgar Gorge. The Radovna River has dug a spectacular canyon here. You hike through the gorge on boardwalks and can marvel at the entire walk over the turquoise blue water of the river.

The only downside: The Vintgar gorge has become extremely popular and has a reputation for being hopeless in summer overflowing to be. We therefore recommend that you come as early as possible – preferably shortly after the gorge opens at 7 or 8 a.m. (depending on the time of year). Alternatively, late afternoon could also be an option, just not around lunchtime.

Good to know: We ourselves were in the low season ( April) on site when the Vintgar Gorge was closed . Therefore, we could only marvel at the first few hundred meters of the gorge, which, however, gave a good idea of ​​the further course. The walking time from the entrance to the waterfall (the end of the gorge) is about 30 minutes. You should plan at least 1.5 hours in total.

Information on visiting the Vintgar Gorge Entry: 10 Euro

Parking: Directly at the gorge for 5 euros

Opening hours: June to August: 7 to 15 Watch; May and September: 8 to 18 Watch; October and November: 9 to 15 Watch

3 . Tip: Excursion to Bohinj to Lake Bohinj Lake Bled is not the only alpine lake worth seeing in the region. Just half an hour’s drive from Bled is Wochenin Lake (“Bohinjsko Jezero”). It is more original and far less frequented than the one in Bled. Therefore, we can only warmly recommend that you make a short stopover here as well.

The well-known photo motif with the stone bridge and the church is hardly to miss. It is located on the east side of Lake Bohinj in Ribčev Laz.

We didn’t just come to Bohinj for a walk along the shore, but actually for two destinations: On the one hand we wanted to tackle the short ascent to the Savica waterfall. And on the other hand, we were drawn to the dizzy heights of Mount Vogel.

With the cable car up the Vogel Nomen est omen: From the Berg Vogel you get the perfect bird’s eye view of Lake Wocheiner. You can easily reach the mountain station with the gondola. In 5 minutes you overcome with the cable car 1000 Altitude gain.

The Vogel is primarily known as a ski resort, but the gondola operates all year round. So you can really enjoy the view at any time of the year. However, long walks are only really possible in summer. Unfortunately the experience with 25 Euro (ascent & descent) not exactly cheap.

Price for Ups and downs: 25 Euro

Savica Waterfall Savica Waterfall (“Slap Savica”) is the largest and most visited waterfall in Bohinj. The waterfall and the associated river is the main tributary of the Wocheinersee. You reach the Savica waterfall after a 30-minute climb over a forest path.

The path leads mostly over stairs and is excellently developed. Almost too good, because we weren’t the only ones when we visited – and that’s the low season. Nevertheless: The waterfall is very impressively located in a gorge and is well worth seeing. You’ll have to be content with viewing it from a safe distance, though. Access to the water itself is not possible due to a locked gate.

Entrance fee: 3 Euro

Walking time: 30 minutes moderate but steadily uphill via stairs

4. Restaurants and cafés in Bled The sweet specialty in Bled: Cream cakes (“Kremšnita”) Touted and highly praised on every corner: the Bled cream cake. There is hardly a café in Bled that does not serve the regional speciality. The original version of the cream cake is said to be baked in Hotel Park. On nice days you can enjoy the cream cakes there on the terrace overlooking the lake.

In Bled you take it as closely as you would with the only true original Sacher cake in Vienna but not, so the whole place is teeming with cream cakes. We ourselves tasted our “Kremšnita” at Slascicarna Zima on recommendation. The ambience there is less elegant than in the Hotel Park, but there is nothing wrong with the taste.

By the way: We have been told that a good cream slice has to wobble when you move the plate. Our edition of the cream cakes definitely passed the test!

Recommended restaurants in Bled Vrtnarija (shown in the photo): Belongs to the eco-resort called Garden Village. Very good, creative Slovenian cuisine is served. There are also a few vegetarian options. Great service, but in our opinion the prices are too high (as is so often the case in Bled): The two of us 50 Euro paid (1 dish, 1 drink each).

Restaurant Sova : Rustic, cozy wine bar on the Uferstrasse. The choice is quite extensive. Traditional Slovenian cuisine with creative touches is served. The prices are rather high for Slovenia.

Public & Vegan Kitchen: A kind of pub where mainly vegan burgers are served. It tasted very good, but the ambience wasn’t really our thing.

5. Our accommodation tip for Bled: Vila Mila We stayed in the beautiful Vila Mila, which we can warmly recommend. The historic house houses several beautifully renovated apartments. We stayed in the apartment called “Perla” which is on the top floor of the house.

The hosts are incredibly friendly and helpful. Us was offered (without asking and without extra charge of course) to check out a few hours later, as the apartment was not booked again until the next day. There’s also free coffee on the ground floor and even a sauna.

The apartment was sparkling clean, the beds were very comfortable and we felt very comfortable. From the house you can reach the lake shore in a few minutes on foot. Conclusion: Highly recommended!

You can book accommodation here: Vila Mila

2019Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Lake Bled? How did you like it? Do you have any other tips for Bled? We are very happy about your experiences!