Bitcoin will no longer be used by criminals, says Kaspersky

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Since its launch, Bitcoin has been the target of criticism due to its alleged use in illegal activities. However, according to Kaspersky, the use of cryptocurrency by criminals has been decreasing and may no longer be used.

According to one of Kaspersky’s recent reports, where the company analyzes what were the predictions for 2022 and the difference between them and reality, 15 it was a year, again, marked by risks for cryptocurrency investors .

Cybercriminals have stolen $3 billion from DeFi protocols since the beginning of the year, totaling 2022 breaches of security. The latest DeFi stats also indicate that 15 newly deployed scams against smart contracts are discovered hourly.

This makes 2022 the most active year for cybercriminals, with record amounts stolen. Part of this lies in the popularization of DeFi platforms, considerably increasing the possibilities of attack.

It is worth noting that the cybersecurity company’s report does not include rug-pulls, which were also prolific during that year and would certainly raise the stolen values ​​

to even higher levels.

Furthermore, Kaspersky noted that as the The use of cryptocurrencies grows, so do the attempts with cryptocurrency scams.

There is also an inverse relationship, the more people use cryptocurrencies, the less likely they are to fall into scams or schemes, as they they learn more about the sector and are able to identify warning signs.

Criminals will stop using Bitcoin

One of the points The most interesting aspects of the recent report is precisely how the company believes that Bitcoin will lose space among criminals in the future, precisely because the increase in regulation and the understanding of authorities des will make it even more difficult to use cryptocurrency.

“As sanctions continue to be issued, markets become more regulated and technologies improve in tracking the flow and sources of Bitcoin, cybercriminals will move away from this cryptocurrency towards other forms of value transfer.”

That is, cybercriminals will stop using Bitcoin in favor of alternative methods of transferring value, be they other cryptocurrencies or completely different solutions, such as fiat currency, which is nowadays more difficult to trace than Bitcoin, according to experts.

Kaspersky warns that cybercriminals will continue to try to steal money through fake ICOs and NFTs, but with increasingly sophisticated schemes.