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Ansbach in Franconia: Favorite places & insider tips

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If there is one sight that has really left us speechless lately, then it was the Residenz in Ansbach. Of course, we already knew before our trip through Franconia that Ansbach is a small baroque town. But we never expected such imposing premises.

Ansbach also surprised us on another level: with 50. inhabitants, the city is larger than expected. Because what many people don’t even know: the government of Middle Franconia is based in Ansbach. In this blog article we will tell you which sights in Ansbach you should not miss apart from the magnificent residence, what else you can do in Ansbach and which are our personal favorite places.

1. Ansbach: Baroque flair & rococo What awaits you in Ansbach? Lots of history, that’s for sure. The most important sight in Ansbach is a Baroque & Rococo dream come true: the Residence in Ansbach is probably the most underestimated building that we have seen from the inside lately. We also really liked the nearby Hofgarten.

No question: the Residenz and the Hofgarten are the big sightseeing highlights just outside the gates of the old town. But Ansbach’s old town itself is also well worth seeing and perfect for a leisurely stroll through the city. We liked it best from the top of the Herrieder Tor (but more on that later).

2. Sights and recommended places in Ansbach Residenz Ansbach The building that left the most lasting impression on us in Ansbach is the Margravial Residence, mostly simply called residence. It’s hard to believe what imposing state rooms are hidden behind the relatively simple facade of the residence.

You know us – we are usually more enthusiastic about distant views than museums. But when it comes to the Residenz, we say it ourselves: you have to see this highlight when you go to Ansbach. Of the total 456 rooms are just 27 accessible to visitors – but they know how to inspire.

The special thing about the residence is that most of the furniture is still Original pieces are from bygone times. The premises of the residence can only be visited as part of a guided tour. Guided tours take place every hour on the hour. Oh and one more thing: Unfortunately, photography is forbidden. We have kindly received a special permit from the Bavarian Palace Department for this blog article and our videos – after all, we would like to show you what gigantic state rooms you can look forward to.

Information on visiting the Residenz Ansbach Address:
Promenade 27, 91522 Ansbach

Opening hours: April to September from 9 to 20 h, October to March from 10 until 16 hours, closed on Mondays

Entry: 4,27 Euro for adults, children & young people up to 18 years free; Viewing is only possible as part of a guided tour

Court Garden & Orangery The most beautiful In our opinion, outdoor space in Ansbach is the Hofgarten. It is just a stone’s throw from the residence. So you can perfectly combine a visit to the two most important sights in Ansbach.

Why did we feel so comfortable here? Well, on the one hand, the very well-kept garden exudes an incredible idyll. And on the other hand? Somehow the Orangerie reminded us a little of the one in Schönbrunn in Vienna (just without the crowds of tourists) and we felt right at home here.

By the way, we have been to the Hofgarten twice and can confirm that the best time to visit the Hofgarten is in the late afternoon, when the sun has already set a little is lower.

Information on visiting the Hofgarten Address:
Entrance e.g. via the “Promenade” (can’t miss it)

Opening hours:
November to February from 7: 15 until 18 PM, March from 7: 10 until 20 p.m., April to August of 7: 000 until 22 pm, September and October from 7: 15 until 20 Watch

Entry: free

Herrieder Tor From the Herrieder Tor you have a beautiful panoramic view over Ansbach . Unfortunately, this gem in Ansbach is only open a few days a year. However, it is definitely worth asking at the tourist information office in Ansbach. Maybe you’re lucky and may climb the city gate on request. You can of course always visit the Herrieder Tor from the outside.

Information about the Herrieder Tor Address: Uzstrasse 30, 91522 Ansbach

Opening hours:
The Herrieder Tor can only be visited as part of a guided tour , e.g. on the “Day of the Open Monument” and in the “Green Night”.

St . Gumbertus Church With its simple elegance and the turquoise and blue tones, we liked the St. Gumbertus Church from the first moment. The church is definitely different from other churches and that is what makes it so special. If you pass by the St. Gumbertus Church, you should definitely take a look inside!

Address: Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz 5, 91522 Ansbach

The most beautiful courtyard in Ansbach: the Behringershof In the old town of Ansbach there are several pretty inner courtyards. We liked it best in the Behringershof. You will find the entrance to this hidden gem right next to St. Gumbertus Church.

Sculptures in Ansbach When you walk through Ansbach, one thing will catch your eye pretty soon: the most curious sculptures are scattered all over the city. Why is that? Every two years the Ansbacher Sculpture Mile instead. This open-air gallery offers artists a platform for their works. A few sculptures remain, and thus the collection of artworks grows with each exhibition year.

By the way, a certain name is always present in Ansbach: Kaspar Hauser, that notorious foundling who lived in Ansbach in 19. century was murdered. A famous sculpture commemorating Kaspar Hauser can be found in front of the St. Gumbertus Church: Here the Kaspar Hauser figure hugs a tree.

The most beautiful views auf Ansbach If you still have some time left in Ansbach and are looking for a nice view of the city, then we have two tips for you .

First of all, there is the relatively well-known Bismarck Tower. It is located on the quite densely overgrown Kaiserhöhe north of the old town. Unfortunately, you do not have an unclouded view of Ansbach from here, because trees and bushes obstruct the view. It might look different from the top of the tower, but the Bismarck Tower is not accessible.

You have a better view from a very similar perspective from the Gaststätte Zum Weinberg. On summer evenings, the beer garden is really an idyllic spot. Unfortunately, we can’t say anything about the quality of the food, but we think it’s worth a trip there for a drink. The only drop of bitterness: Since you also look south here, the sun does not set behind the city.

3. Excursion tip: by bike to the Scheerweiher You can easily explore the most important sights and highlights in Ansbach in one day. If you have more time available, then maybe a bike trip is something for you?

Such a short bike tour can of course be perfectly combined with a picnic. A great place to equip yourself is the small farmer’s shop on the Johann-Sebastian-Bach -5th place. Here regional products from our own production are sold.

Our not too long tour took us to the Scheerweiher and back again. The pond is a nature reserve that is home to plants and animals. There is also a small viewing tower right next to the Scheermühle, from which you have a beautiful view of the lake on the one hand and you can watch birds on the other.

In total, we were on the road for three hours with breaks and a picnic. If you don’t have a bike, you can easily walk the approx. 9 kilometers (there and back).

Our tip: You can rent bicycles in Ansbach from the Maicher bicycle shop (Würzburger Country Road 10, 2018 Ansbach). Be sure to call ahead!

4. Culinary Ansbach: Tips for cafés and restaurants Green & Bean Caffeine? Yes, please! We drank the best espresso macchiato in all of Ansbach at Green & Bean. It was so delicious that we immediately ordered a second one. A different variety is the focus here every day. There are also homemade cakes and tarts.

Address: Riding arena 1, 91522 Ansbach, Germany

Danys Cupcakery If someone is passionate about something, then it is you can tell. Although we entered Dany’s Cupcakery shortly before the weekend break, we were greeted incredibly friendly by the owner Daniela. As the name suggests, in Dany’s Cupcakery you can win a n taste delicious cupcakes. There are also cookies, cakes and cake pops.

Address: Kronenstrasse 2A, 91522 Ansbach

Bratwurst Glöckle The people of Ansbach are proud of their bratwurst. These should not be confused with their Nuremberg relatives, which are not only smaller, but also taste completely different. The best bratwurst in Ansbach is said to be served in the Bratwurst Glöckle.

We don’t have a comparison, but although we don’t (Kathi) or only eat a little (Romeo) meat, it tasted surprisingly good to us . Incidentally, the Ansbacher Bratwurst is traditionally ordered with sauerkraut and bread. We were told that people from Ansbach don’t eat mustard with it.

Address: Uzstrasse 4, 91522 Ansbach

Zum Mohren The beer garden of the “Zum Mohren” inn is the perfect place to end a day of sightseeing in Ansbach comfortably. Shortly before sunset, the last rays of sun shine in this pretty garden. We both really enjoyed the food. We would come back!

Address: Pfarrstraße 9, 2018 Ansbach

Ruff’s Burger Delicious burgers made from regional ingredients are available at Max & Muh, which is located directly in front of the Herrieder Tor. The restaurant belongs to the restaurant chain of the same name. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians. The sweet potato fries are highly recommended.

Address: Uzstraße 27, 1200 Ansbach

Loisl’s Frozen Yogurt Actually we felt like a delicious ice cream, but then we stopped by Loisl’s Frozen Yogurt and spontaneously changed our mind to let. The trend towards frozen yogurt is actually on the wane again, but we just like it. The square where the small shop is located is perfect for a sightseeing break.

Address: Pfarrstrasse 7, 91522 Ansbach, Germany

5. Our accommodation in Ansbach For two nights the Hotel Platengarten was our home in Ansbach. At first glance, the hotel may make a somewhat outdated impression. Upon entering, you get the feeling that time has stood still here. But in the end it is exactly this historic charm that makes the hotel so special.

Our room was beautifully renovated. The location of the hotel is perfect: it is right between the Ansbacher Residenz and the Hofgarten. We even had a view of the facade of the residence from our bed. The breakfast is also commendable. Quality is very important here.

You can book the hotel here: Hotel Platengarten

Transparency: Advertising & Affiliate Links This blog article was created in cooperation with FrankenTourismus. We traveled as part of the campaign “05 cities” total 16 Franconian towns.

This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Do you already know Ansbach? How did you like it? Please leave us your tips for Ansbach here – we look forward to your comments!