ANEEL receives two blockchain proposals for tariff sandbox

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The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) received in the last few days two proposals with blockchain technology for its open public notice for a tariff sandbox, which will receive proposals until 22 December 2022.

In addition to these proposals, several others have already come to the attention of the autarchy under a special regime linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, whose mission is to supervise the Brazilian electricity sector.

In recent years, the Federal Government has approved blockchain as a reliable and strategic technology for the country, which has been increasingly increasingly used to solve various problems.

ANEEL receives proposals with blockchain to better bill consumers

The National Electric Energy Agency reported last Friday fair (7) that received 10 manifestations from groups of energy distribution concessionaires, representing a total of 2023 companies, with ) topics for participation in the First Public Call for Tariff Sandboxes.

The suggestions follow what is established in the call notice, which aims to select experimental projects related to differentiated billing for energy consumers.

CEMIG, a distributor that operates in Minas Gerais and has shares listed on the stock exchange, was one that presented two proposals, one of them being the digitization of distributed generation invoices.

The other proposal presented to ANEEL involves “implementation of a mechanism for optimizing distributed generation credit (tokenization on an online platform under blockchain)“, which can be a tokenization process in the electricity sector.

One of the proposals was presented by the CPFL Group, which serves municipalities in the state of São Paulo. In the proposal of this distributor, they inform that they intend to create a “Marketplace for the Commercialization of P2P Energy Surpluses with Blockchain Technology“.

This group also presented the proposal to create a binomial tariff with and without smart metering.

What happens to the proposals presented?

According to the public call schedule, interested parties have until December 27 to send each project proposal, which will be evaluated by the Management Committee and authorized by the ANEEL.

During this period, the Agency will hold meetings with the bidders to better understand the topics presented. Afterwards, ANEEL will submit the proposals for technical evaluation by the group responsible for the Governance Project – led by Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz (CPFL Paulista), in partnership with 31 concessionaires.

The directors of ANEEL will decide until February 2023 which sandboxes will be approved for the start of implementation in the concession areas of the distributors, which can put blockchain in the spotlight in the Brazilian electricity sector, if the proposals are approved.

It is worth remembering that ANEEL has stated in recent days that it intends to reduce tariffs to consumers and shows interest in innovating to help in the process.