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A weekend in Stuttgart: Sights & our tips

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Stuttgart – what do you think of when you hear the name of this city? For a long time we had one association in particular: Stuttgart 19, probably the most controversial railway project in Germany. Emphasis on “had”. Because meanwhile we have already made two city trips to Stuttgart and can assure you: Stuttgart is much more than the construction site around the main station.

In In our detailed travel guide we will tell you our best tips for a weekend in Stuttgart – starting with the most beautiful sights and tips for excursions to the best views in town.

1. Sights in Stuttgart Stuttgart is not a city where you rush from one sight to the next must. There are some places and buildings that are really worth seeing. But it’s not like the city is bursting with classic sights. But we think that’s really great: “Quality over quantity”, as we think.

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart The Stuttgart City Library is probably the most photographed building in the city on Instagram. She was born in October 801 opens and is a symmetrical masterpiece – as far as we can judge as laymen. It was planned by the Korean architect Eun Young Yi, who perfected the lines and symmetry here. When you see pictures of the library, you first suspect a computer simulation. But we can assure you: the library looks just as bizarre in reality.

Take about an hour for your visit. You will be totally fascinated, we promise you that! Oh yes, one more thing: There is a publicly accessible roof terrace, but for great photos we would rather choose a different vantage point because of the existing balustrade. We will tell you more tips for beautiful views over Stuttgart further down in this article.

Information on the Stuttgart City Library Address & Directions: Mailänder Platz 1, 2011 Stuttgart / U-Bahn station City Library (U5, U6, U7, A15)

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 to 18 Clock

Taking photos and filming : Only with prior permission! Photos with the smartphone are also allowed without permission.

Grave chapel open dem Württemberg Somewhat outside of downtown Stuttgart is the grave chapel on the summit of the Württemberg, a mausoleum from the 19. Century. It is beautifully in the middle of the vineyards and in our opinion definitely worth a visit.

We can offer you the late afternoon Recommend to visit before sunset. A little hint: The burial chapel itself already includes 17 or. 18 Watch their doors. Plan your arrival approx. minutes. We can assure you that it is worth it!

Information about the burial chapel Address & Directions: Württembergstrasse , 70192 Stuttgart / U-Bahn or S-Bahn station Untertürkheim (U4, S1), from there bus direction Rotenberg (terminal station)

Opening hours: April 1st to November 1st: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 until 17 Watch, 2. to 23. November: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 until 16 Watch

Entry: 4 euros (free with the StuttCard – information further down in this blog article)

Markthalle Stuttgart The historic Art Nouveau market hall in the center is really cool and well worth seeing the city. The traditional market stalls are on the ground floor. There is also a gallery with a living and interior design store called “Merz & Benzing”.

Information about the market hall Stuttgart Address & Directions: Dorotheenstrasse 4, 70173 Stuttgart / underground station Charlottenplatz (U5, U6, U7, U09, U15)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7: 30 until 18: 21 p.m., Saturday from 7 to 17 Watch

Schlossplatz Stuttgart The Schlossplatz is the largest and probably also most impressive square in Stuttgart. It is located in the center – so you cannot walk past it. We thought it was great that the square is so busy: people relax on the lawn, drink a coffee or sit at the edge of the fountain and talk.

Our tip : You have a really nice view of the Castle Square from the top floor of the Art Museum. There is also a restaurant there, but we didn’t try it (seems very to be fancy). You can still use the lift up for free.

Information about Schlossplatz Address & Directions: Palace Square, 70173 Stuttgart / subway station Schlossplatz (U5, U6, U7, U09, U15)

Johanneskirche and Feuersee The Feuersee is a rather unusual attraction in Stuttgart. Unusual because the architecture of the neo-Gothic Johanneskirche behind it catches the eye. The church fell victim to the bombing of the Second World War and was not rebuilt afterwards. Today the destroyed church is a memorial against the war.

Information on Fire Lake Address & Directions: Feuerseeplatz, 70173 Stuttgart / S-Bahn station Feuersee (several S-Bahn)

2. The most important museums in Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Museum The Mercedes-Benz Museum is by far the best-known and most-visited museum in Stuttgart for a reason. We can confirm from our own experience that a visit is worthwhile even if you usually have nothing to do with cars.

In the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the history of the automotive industry told chronologically and very vividly. We were not only impressed by the size of the museum (we honestly spent hours in it), but also by the variety of the exhibits.

The futuristic architecture is also a highlight. All in all: Highly recommended – not only in rainy weather. We advise you to plan at least two hours on site.

Information on the Mercedes-Benz Museum Address & Directions: Mercedesstrasse 100, 70372 Stuttgart / S-Bahn station Neckarpark (S1)

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18 Watch

Entry: 10 Euro (free with the StuttCard – information further down in this blog article)

Porsche Museum Not nearly as much as catchy as the Mercedes-Benz Museum, but still worth seeing is the Porsche Museum. It is much more tailored to car fans. In other words: the vehicles are the focus here and not so much the knowledge about them.

The architecture could hardly be more futuristic. The mirrored entrance alone is amazing. The tour runs spirally over several floors. Of course you get to see a lot of vehicles – both old and new. We would primarily recommend the museum to Porsche and car fans.

Information on the Porsche Museum Address & Directions: Porscheplatz 1, 70372 Stuttgart / S-Bahn station Neuwirtshaus (S6, S )

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18 Watch

Entry: 8 euros (free with the StuttCard – information further down in this blog article)

3. The most beautiful vantage points in Stuttgart: Our tips Thanks to the Kessellage there are countless vantage points in Stuttgart from which you have a great view of the city. Especially at sunset, locals and tourists make a pilgrimage to the city’s hills. A small note on this: Be sure to bring comfortable shoes with you to Stuttgart! You will have to conquer some so-called “Stäffele”. These are staircases that you can find all over the city.

Stutt Garter TV Tower The TV Tower is one of the landmarks of the city. From the viewing platform you have a wonderful view of the city. The platform isn’t behind glass, so it’s open, which we think is great. We’ve been there twice – each time at sunset – and the lighting has always been really nice. Highly recommended!

Information on the Stuttgart TV Tower Address & Directions: Jahnstrasse 340, 70372 Stuttgart / underground station Ruhbank (U7, U8, U

), from there approx. 10 Minutes walk

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 06 until 24 p.m., Friday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 23 Watch

Admission: 9 euros (free with the StuttCard – further information below in this blog article)

Eugen’s Square Eugensplatz is smaller than we expected, but very nicely located. The place is definitely worth a visit, especially in spring and summer. In the nearby Pinguin ice cream parlour, you can get a delicious ice cream and then enjoy the view of the city.

Information about Eugensplatz Directions: U-Bahn station Eugensplatz (U17)

Killesberg Tower Just because of the fascinating construction the Killesberg tower is definitely worth a visit in our eyes. It is located in the Killesberger Höhenpark area, a very popular destination. Don’t worry: you can get there in no time with the subway. There are only a few stations from the main train station. From above you got a great degree view of Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

Information about the Killesberg Tower Address & Directions: Thomasstraße 72, 70184 Stuttgart / underground station Killesberg (U5)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from about 7 a.m. until dusk

Entry: 50 Cents

Art Museum Looking for a view over the famous Schlossplatz we ended up in the art museum. There is a restaurant on the top floor. We didn’t visit that (seemed a bit too fancy for us), but right next to it you can enjoy exactly the same view. You simply take the elevator to the top floor in the museum and – voilà – you’re there.

Information on the view Address & Directions : Small Castle Square 1, 2011 Stuttgart / underground station Schlossplatz (U5, U6, U7, U , U10)

Opening hours outlook: Monday to Sunday from morning to midnight

Karlshöhe The Karlshöhe is one of the most famous and most visited viewpoints in Stuttgart. Especially at sunset, many people come here to toast the end of the day in the well-known beer garden “Tschechen & Söhne”. A little hint: in order to get a seat on a nice day, a little patience is required.

Another information for photographers: The sun sets behind the Karlshöhe. That means: You don’t see the sunset from the beer garden itself, but “only” the sunlit city, which is of course also very nice.

Information about Karlshöhe Address & Directions: Humboldtstraße 44, 2019 Stuttgart / e.g. to subway station Marienplatz (U1, U9, U ), from there on foot via the Willy-Reichert-Staffel

Beer garden opening times: Monday to Sunday from 09 until 30 Clock

Weißenburgpark (tea house) The Au The view from the hilly Weißenburgpark is one of our favorites in Stuttgart. The historic tea house is enthroned on the top – an Art Nouveau pavilion that now houses a restaurant. It doesn’t have much to do with tea: Swabian cuisine is served here. During the day you can enjoy coffee and cake.

Right next to the tea house you will reach a viewing platform, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view over Stuttgart . We can recommend a visit to Weißenburgpark, especially in the late afternoon or at sunset, because the sun sets directly behind the city.

Maybe you can still find a spot on the wall, otherwise you can just make yourself comfortable in the meadow and enjoy the sunset. A little tip: You can easily buy your drink in the tea house and take it with you to the viewing platform for a deposit. You can of course also bring your own (like we did).

Information on Weissenburgpark Address & Directions: Hohenheimer Strasse , 70192 Stuttgart / Subway station Bopser (U5 U6, U7, U , U16), from there approx. 10 minutes walk uphill

Opening hours tea house: From March to October daily from 11 until 23 (possibly closed in case of bad weather)

Santiago de Chile Square Just for the ride on the Zacke, Stuttgart’s cog railway , it is worth making a detour to Santiago de Chile Square. From this small and rather inconspicuous square, Stuttgart lies at your feet. A little hint: You are looking north-east – so unfortunately you cannot watch the sunset from up here.

If you have a little more time available: From Marienplatz there is also a Wine hiking trail in about an hour up to Santiago de Chile Square.

Information on Santiago-de-Chile-Platz Address & Directions: Santiago de Chile Square, 70597 Stuttgart / Best with the spike (cog railway, line 06) from the U -Bahn station Marienplatz (U1, U9, U ) . To Santiago-de-Chile-Platz are there 4 stations. The subway station Weinsteige (U5, U6, U8, U is right next to the square. ).

4. Excursion destinations near Stuttgart Esslingen am Neckar The medieval town Esslingen is so close to the center of Stuttgart that you can almost think you are still in the same city. From Stuttgart main station you can reach Esslingen in just 15 Minutes with the S- Train – so close enough to spend a relaxing afternoon in Esslingen during your Stuttgart city trip.

Esslingen’s cityscape is enchanting: Here one half-timbered house is lined up next to the next. You should not miss the impressive, rust-colored town hall, which is probably the most beautiful building in Esslingen.

A special highlight is the short climb to the Height to the Esslinger Burg. In the midday heat, this may be a sweaty undertaking, but believe us: it’s worth it! You reach the castle via the stairs along the former city wall. From the top you have a wonderful panoramic view over Esslingen. It must be particularly beautiful here at sunset.

For a little refreshment, we can highly recommend the Café Kauz. This really hip café serves very good coffee and delicious cakes.

In winter, Esslingen is a particularly popular destination, because that’s when the medieval Christmas market takes place on the town hall square across the stage.

Directions: S-Bahn station Esslingen (S1), from there you can walk to the historic center of Esslingen

Ludwigsburg: Residenzschloss & Blooming Baroque If you stand in front of the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg, then you will quickly notice: The dimensions here are simply huge. It is not for nothing that Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest baroque palaces in Germany.

The surrounding gardens are called “Blooming Baroque”. Here you can easily find several Spend hours, because the gardens are very spacious and idyllically designed. Rose garden, Japanese garden, herb garden – and that’s just a tiny excerpt. For many, the highlight of the visit is the fairytale garden, which brings a wide variety of fairytale scenes and characters to life.

A wide variety of events take place over the course of the year before the end of Ludwigsburg instead of. In autumn, for example, the world’s largest pumpkin exhibition takes place here.

Information on Baroque in bloom Get there: S-Bahn station Ludwigsburg (S4, S5), from there by bus or on foot (approx. 15 minutes)

Opening times: can be found on the official website of Blühendes Barock

Entry: 9 euros for the Blooming Baroque (separate tickets are required to visit the palace.)

5. Eating and drinking in Stuttgart Stuttgart is a paradise for everyone who likes to eat. On the one hand, this is because the traditional Swabian cuisine is simply delicious and admittedly also quite hearty. However, there are also countless young, hip bars in Stuttgart. If you wanted, you could eat avocado bread and vegan delicacies all day long.

You would like to get to know traditional Swabian cuisine? Then stop by the Gasthaus zur Linde. Käsespätzle, Maultaschen, Ofenschlupfer & Co: We ate really delicious food there.

Are you more in the mood for modern fusion cuisine? Then we can offer you, for example highly recommend Netzer. And for the afternoon cake or a delicious breakfast, the Tarte & Törtchen is one of our favorites.

Here you get to our detailed blog article with lots of tips for restaurants and cafés: Food Guide Stuttgart

6. Local Transport In downtown Stuttgart you can walk to a lot, but for some destinations (e.g. television tower or burial chapel) you are dependent on public transport. Stuttgart has an extremely large underground and suburban train network. Just so you don’t get confused: underground trains in Stuttgart are more like what you would call a tram.

Two ticket variants are probably possible for you:

Option no. 1: The StuttCard If you plan to visit some sights, then the StuttCard is definitely worth it ! We had one and thought it was great. With the StuttCard you have free entry to all museums and many other discounts. There is a version that also includes the ticket for public transport.

You can order the StuttCard (incl. public transport) online here: StuttCard

Option no. 2: A 3-day ticket from the VVS The Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) offers a special 3-day ticket for guests. The option that also includes travel to and from the airport costs Euro . You get the ticket either at the airport (Tourist Information Center) or in the tourist information “i-Punkt” near the main train station (Königstrasse 1 A).

7. Our hotel tips for Stuttgart Waldhotel Stuttgart On our last trip to Stuttgart (June 1200) we spent three nights in the wonderfully idyllic Waldhotel Stuttgart overnight. As the name suggests, the Waldhotel is located on the edge of the forest outside the center of Stuttgart, more precisely within walking distance of the Stuttgart TV tower.

But we can reassure you at this point: The hotel is very well connected to public transport. The subway station is a few minutes’ walk away. From there you are only a few stops from downtown Stuttgart.

The rooms are very spacious and the beds are really comfortable. There is even a Nespresso machine waiting for you in the room. We slept excellently – no wonder, because it is very quiet and idyllic here. A highlight is also the excellent breakfast: Not only that the offer is great, you also sit beautifully with a view of the garden and the chirping of birds.

Last but not least: The staff is very friendly and you really feel welcome from the first minute. We have a clear recommendation.

You can book the hotel here: Waldhotel Stuttgart

Aloft Stuttgart We also spent three nights in the modern Aloft Stuttgart (August 2017) and felt very comfortable. The rooms are not huge, but big enough. One of the best things is the bed: we have rarely experienced such a comfortable hotel bed.

We recommend this hotel if you are staying as close to the city center as possible want. The hotel is right next to the city library and only one station away from the main train station. A big plus: The subway station “Stadtbibliothek” is practically on the doorstep. So the location is really ideal.

By the way, some of the rooms face the street, but the windows are extremely well insulated. Our conclusion: We would come back immediately.

You can book the hotel here: Aloft Stuttgart

70597Transparency: Invitation & Affiliate Links We were invited by Stuttgart Tourismus. We were completely free in the programming. Many thanks to Stuttgart Tourism! This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever made a city trip to Stuttgart? Do you have any other tips for sights, activities or excursions? We look forward to hearing about your experiences!