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A Perfect Weekend in Vancouver {Our 48 Hour City Guide}

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First of all, dear ones: Vancouver in Exploring hours is a sporting undertaking. Vancouver has so many great corners that even after almost a week in this crazy city we still experienced something new. So, to put it another way: Hours are not enough. By far not. Sorry! So if you don’t have a chance to extend your stay (because we would advise you to do so!), then make sure to read this article. We walked our feet sore in Vancouver for almost a week and for you the perfect 48 hour city guide with all the tips. And there’s also a new video from Vancouver – jupidu!

Day 1 in Vancouver Breakfast at Cafe Medina Café Medina is currently the trendiest location for a brunch in Vancouver. People stand for Mediterranean-inspired dishes. in front of the café queue. It is not possible to reserve a table – this means for you: be on time, especially at the weekend! Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait. Be sure to try the fresh waffles (Salted Caramel, lechz)! After all, you want to start your sightseeing day well strengthened, don’t you?

Stanley Park: Bike tour along the Seawall Promenade Park? Natural oasis is more like it! On the peninsula with over 360 hectares you can always find a quiet spot in the middle of the woods. We can definitely recommend cycling around Stanley Park along the Seawall Promenade. This takes about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the pace and stops. There are no bike rentals in the park itself, but they are in the immediate vicinity of the entrance (along Denman Street). Incidentally, many hotels also offer their guests bicycles for free use! By the way: if you have enough time, then take the little bit around Coal Harbor with you (by bike or on foot). We also liked it there very much.

Gastown: from one hipster café to the next Now it’s time for a little Strengthening in the form of caffeine and/or sugar. Gastown is a great place to do this. It’s best to take a taxi from Stanley Park, it’s the fastest and doesn’t cost the earth. Gastown, the area east of downtown, has a charm with its brick houses and retro shops that you won’t find anywhere else in Vancouver. For a coffee or snack, we can recommend the wonderful “Nelson the Seagull” or the puristic-minimalist “Nemesis”. In this article we have summarized our coffee house tips for Vancouver. Oh yes, if you’re already in Gastown, then why not walk past the famous steam clock . A word of warning: you will recognize the clock from afar by the crowd of people standing in front of it – armed with cameras – waiting for music to play every quarter of an hour.

Vancouver Lookout In our opinion, the best time to visit the Vancouver Lookout is on a sunny day before sunset. . When the sun casts a soft light on the skyscrapers and the mountains beyond, Vancouver looks particularly impressive from above. The lookout is behind glass, but you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Incidentally, it’s not far from Gastown to the Vancouver Lookout. You can easily walk the route.

Dinner at Belgard Kitchen Absolutely loved it we were from the Restaurant Belgard Kitchen, which belongs to the Postmark Brewing craft brewery. Located east of Gastown, Belgard Kitchen serves fusion dishes in small portions for sharing: everything from classic burgers to burrata to roasted cauliflower. There is also enough choice for vegetarians. The atmosphere is great: a bit industrial, not too fancy, but still very hip. By the way: since the restaurant belongs to the well-known craft brewery Postmark Brewing, a drink after dinner is of course a good idea.

If you have a little more time or are looking for an alternative program for dinner, we have We have another tip for you: Canadian Craft Tours offers a tour of selected breweries several times a week. It’s fun and gives you an exciting insight into Vancouver’s craft beer scene. Or would you have thought that in Vancouver it was about 60 microbreweries exist? Crazy, right?

Day 2 in Vancouver Granville Island and Public Market
Day two in Vancouver begins on one of our favorite corners of Vancouver: Granville Island. The vibrant Public Market is the main reason for most people to visit this area. It opens its doors at 9 a.m. every day. Food from all over the world is sold: from tropical fruits to seafood, from what is said to be the best bread in Vancouver to the stunningly delicious donuts from “Lee’s Donuts”. If a quick breakfast is enough, you will definitely find something.

Boat tour along the Indian Arms Time for some adventure! Unfortunately, in two days you can only see a tiny fraction of the amazing nature that can be found around Vancouver. One of the best ways to get a glimpse is to take a boat tour along the Indian Arms. We can recommend the “Granite Falls Tour” by Vancouver Water Adventures. Wrapped up in thick thermal suits, you roar across the water in a speedboat for about three hours. A word of warning: don’t be afraid of water because you will definitely get a little wet (sometimes more, sometimes less) during the ride. But there are also more leisurely boat trips on offer, don’t worry. To be on the safe side, take a change of clothes with you if you don’t want to go to the hotel afterwards. Many boat tour operators, including Vancouver Water Adventures, are located directly on Granville Island. Oh yes: the boat tour is clearly a nice weather item on the program! If it rains, we would rather do without it.

Walk Through Downtown Vancouver If you haven’t experienced Downtown Vancouver by now, now is it right opportunity for it. The combination of skyscrapers and historical buildings is quite fascinating. You can also stroll along the famous shopping street, Robson Street. You might even make a detour to the Waterfront (Canada Place).

Dinner at Guu with Garlic You’re getting hungry? Excellent. If you follow the above-mentioned Robson Street further and further west (Stanley Park), you will find yourself in an area full of Asian restaurants. A lot of people from Asia live in Vancouver and the range of Japanese, Korean and Chinese restaurants is correspondingly diverse. We can offer you, for example, the “Guu with Garlic” recommend, a fairly small Japanese place where cut, fried, boiled, fried and served in front of the guests. Quite an experience!

Sunset at English Bay Beach Well you’re not more far from your daily destination: the English Bay Beach. If there’s a perfect spot for a sunset in Vancouver, this is it. As the sun slowly disappears behind the ocean on the horizon, you can dunk your ten in the sand and listen to street performers in the distance. Those who prefer to have a sundowner in a bar will also find what they are looking for.

One more note : One thing you really can’t miss in Vancouver is a visit of the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We’ve been debating how to include it in our 48 hour guide can still squeeze in , but we just didn’t succeed. So, well-intentioned advice: extend your weekend in Vancouver by one day. Or two. Or three. And best of all, make a mini road trip to Squamish. On that note: enjoy your trip to Vancouver!

Was any of you Have you ever been to Vancouver? Do you have any other comments for a weekend in Vancouver? We look forward to hearing about your experiences and additions to our little travel guide.

Our trip to Vancouver took place in cooperation with TUI and Tourism Vancouver. Many thanks for the many helpful tips and the great organization!