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A Day in Casablanca: Sights & Tips

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Casablanca and us, unfortunately it wasn’t love at first sight. And also after a day in the largest city in Morocco we have to admit: Unfortunately, we didn’t really warm to Casablanca. Of all the places we have visited in Morocco, Casablanca is the one we liked the least.

Nevertheless, one of the most impressive buildings in all of Morocco is located in Casablanca: The dimensions of the Hassan II Mosque are unreal. Many travelers also use Casablanca as the start or end point of their Morocco tour, because the country’s most important airport is located here.

So if you are also planning a stay in Casablanca and are wondering what awaits you there: In this blog article we will tell you. You will also find our tips on what to see and do in one day in Casablanca.

1. Casablanca: expectations and reality Honestly: We had completely wrong ideas from Casablanca. Somehow we were misled by the romantic-sounding name. We had expected nice coffee houses, authentic restaurants, pretty alleys, oriental flair. Unfortunately, our expectations didn’t match reality at all.

The most important lesson for us: Casablanca is a financial city. Casablanca is the economic center and the largest city in Morocco. 3 million people live in Casablanca. The Cityscape of Casablanca is characterized more by gray skyscrapers than by charming old buildings.

And that unfortunately also means: The oriental Flair is almost completely missing. There is a medina, but it is not even remotely comparable to that in Marrakech or Fès.

But in Casablanca a superlative attraction awaits you: the Hassan II Mosque. We would say: A stopover in Casablanca is worthwhile just to see this gigantic building. Unfortunately, the rest of Casablanca didn’t convince us.

But as always: We only report on our personal experience. Only because we don’t If you were enthusiastic about Casablanca, that doesn’t mean that everyone is. It’s best if you make up your own mind.

2. A day in Casablanca: The most important sights & tips Hassan II Mosque: The Largest Mosque in Africa If there is only one attraction in Casablanca that you visit, it has to be must be the Hassan II Mosque. The dimensions of this mosque, which by the way is located directly on the coast, are incomprehensible.

It is not only one of the largest mosques in the world, but the minaret of the mosque is also the second highest in the world. Once you stand in front of it, you can hardly believe your eyes, this building looks so gigantic. The Hassan II Mosque is one of only two mosques in Morocco that can be visited by non-Muslims.

Unfortunately, the interior of the mosque can only be inside Visit as part of a guided tour . Guided tours take place daily at certain times in several languages. The downside: the groups are really big. We were valued 50 people in our group. Of course, a little flair is lost there.

Information on visiting the Hassan II Mosque Entry: 50 Dirham
Guided tour: The mosque can only be visited as part of a guided tour. You can find the respective times on the website: Hassan II Mosque

Quartier Habous: The new Medina Probably the most beautiful district of Casablanca is called Quartier Habous. The neighborhood was built in the s laid out under French colonial rule and is also known as New Medina.

The Quartier Habous is reminiscent of a souk (i.e. a market) – but a very cozy one. You will find many different shops where you can buy spices, souvenirs and handicrafts, among other things. If you want to buy something: Don’t forget to bargain! In Morocco it is common that the final price is only a maximum of 50 percent of the dealer’s initial bid.

Our tip: Casablanca’s very best patisserie, Patisserie Bennis Habous, is also located in this area. If you come here, you either have to really hate marzipan or practice discipline. Otherwise you will leave the store – just like us – with a huge box full of almond and marzipan biscuits. So good!

Also worth a visit is the oriental palace called Mahkama du Pacha. If you are looking for oriental flair in Casablanca, then you have come to the right place. Beautiful mosaics and carvings await you in this city palace – a wonderful photo opportunity. Incidentally, there is disagreement about access: it is often said that the palace can only be visited with a guide. However, for a small tip, the security guard might let you in so you can take some photos in peace.

Morocco Mall The modern mall aptly named Morocco Mall is one of those places that you wouldn’t expect to find in a country like Morocco. Worlds really collide here. In the Morocco Mall, the narrow, sometimes dirty streets of Casablanca suddenly feel far away.

The shopping center could just as well be in any other cosmopolitan city. The only way you can tell that you are in Morocco is by looking at the clothes the visitors wear. Our conclusion: You can see it, but you don’t have to.

3. Hotel tip for Casablanca Different from other parts of Morocco is the hotel offer in Casablanca geared more towards business travellers. In Casablanca you will therefore find an above-average number of large, sometimes very impersonal hotels and unfortunately only very few really individual accommodations.

But we have a good tip for you: the Hotel Barcelo Anfa Casablanca. This modern city hotel really comes highly recommended. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and very tastefully furnished – just to feel good. The beds are also very comfortable.

There is a very nice pool area and the breakfast buffet is also impressive. Conclusion: Super value for money and a very good choice if you want to stay in Casablanca.

Here you can book the hotel: Barcelo Anfa Casablanca

2015Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Casablanca? How did you like it? Were your expectations too high or did you perhaps experience Casablanca completely differently? We look forward to your comments with your additional tips!