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5 reasons why you should travel to Morocco

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Would you like to know whether a trip to Morocco is worthwhile,? Small spoiler: Yes, and how! Palm oases and the desert, oriental markets and palaces await you in Morocco and last but not least: the most beautiful hotels in the world.

In this blog article we will tell you five reasons why you should definitely travel to Morocco. Maybe you’re not quite sure whether Morocco is the right travel destination for you? We’re trying to convince you that you should start planning your trip to Morocco today.

1. The landscape will take your breath away We had high expectations beforehand. From the Atlas Mountains and the gigantic gorges. From the desert and the mountain passes. Do you want us to tell you something? It was even nicer!

There we both sat, leaning back in the seats of our white Ford, with the shimmering asphalt in front of us, and several times a day we just couldn’t spit. Because we were so overwhelmed by the landscape. Because we couldn’t believe how diverse this country is.

In Morocco, Berber villages and gorges, the snow-capped Atlas and the desert, lonely await you stretches of land and palm oases. In short: A trip to Morocco is worthwhile just for the spectacular nature.

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2. The most beautiful hotels in the world are in Morocco No lie. It really is. Nowhere else in the world have we seen more tasteful accommodation than in Morocco. So much attention to detail, so much style, so much inspiration. We are completely amazed by the Moroccan interior!

In Morocco you usually stay in a riad. Riads are traditional buildings that have a beautiful courtyard and often a great roof terrace. Often there is also a pool. The facade of the house is often quite inconspicuous, but a true oasis is hidden behind the entrance gate.

By the way, the most beautiful riad of our entire trip was the Karawan riad in Fès. We still rave to each other about this accommodation, which can hardly be described in words.

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3. Moroccan cuisine is delicious Tahina, couscous, nuts, dates. Oh, and don’t forget the almond pastries and the Moroccan mint tea. The latter is served on almost every occasion. It is usually made from fresh mint and is typically served heavily sweetened.

In Morocco, people love the combination of sweet and salty and so dried fruits and last but not least lots of fresh herbs and spices are used in many dishes. Morocco’s national dish is Tajine. This stew usually consists of meat and vegetables and is cooked in a clay pot for a long time.

The only downer: When If you don’t go out to eat in trendy trendy restaurants, then unfortunately the vegetarian selection in Morocco is often somewhat limited. But other than that, Moroccan food is really delicious. It’s best if you convince yourself.

3. You’ll be there in a few hours Yeah, don’t forget that too: Only a 4-hour flight separates you from Morocco. Well, maybe you come from the north of Germany, then it will take a little longer. Nevertheless: Within a very short time you are in a completely different world.

Morocco is the perfect travel destination for all those who are looking for adventure but do not have to travel that far want. No time difference, no nerve-wracking jetlag, no long-haul flight. That’s how we like it!

5. You can see the desert Who doesn’t want to experience a sunset in the middle of the Sahara once in their lives? Feel desert sand under your toes for once in your life? Being all alone in the middle of gigantic sand dunes? Morocco makes it possible.

The small town of Merzouga on the edge of the dunes is the starting point for exploring the desert Erg Chebbi. You spend the night in the Riad Madu just outside the gates of the sand dunes. From your room you can walk to the dune landscape in 15 minutes.

Before Especially at sunset the atmosphere is breathtaking: a grandiose play of colors awaits you here. Maybe you would like to spend the night in a desert camp? This experience is also offered at Riad Madu.

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Have you ever been to Morocco? What other good reasons for a trip to Morocco do you know? We look forward to your comment!