5 must-sees in Centro de Portugal

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Did someone here say Portugal? 2014 has the love story between us and this small country started in the south of Europe: That’s when we were in Portugal for the first time and gave our hearts to Lisbon, Sintra and the Cabo da Roca. Love at first sight you could also call it. The anticipation of our trip through the region of Centro de Portugal was all the greater.

Well, what can we say? Friends and family Summer days have probably gotten used to the fact that we can’t get across Portugal without falling into exuberant enthusiasm. We spent a week with our rental car in the Centro de Portugal region and these five experiences on our road trip still trigger feelings of happiness in us.

If you choose the If you are interested in the exact stops of our trip, then we recommend our detailed blog article: Portugal Itinerary.

1. Sunset in the university town of Coimbra The whole of Coimbra is a single highlight: The fascinating university with its gigantic library, the small, winding streets and the authentic restaurants. The sunset from the city with a view of the Rio Mondego is particularly great.

There are countless places to admire the sunset from, such as the Café Loggia, which is part of the Museu Nacional Machado de Castro.

2. Casas do Côro in Marialva We couldn’t spit when the friendly staff of the Casas do Côro showed us through our little house. Yes, cottage! We were assigned the penthouse suite for one night. Can we repeat that please: Penthouse Suite. AHH! We ran straight about 30 Minutes like crazy through each room because we were so overwhelmed: From the view of the incredible landscape including the castle ruins, which we were allowed to enjoy from the bed; from the incredibly tasteful decor and from our pretty terrace.

The Casas do Côro are located in the tiny hamlet of Marialva and if you can arrange it somehow , then we really recommend that you make a stopover (or even better, a longer stay) there. By the way, the spa is wonderful and the dinner is delicious.

3. Guided tour of the Convento de Cristo in Tomar You have to know: Cultural or historical tours are usually not our favorite pastime. If a guide manages to get us excited about a building, then that really means something – as happened in the Christ Monastery in Tomar.

The Convento de Cristo, as it is also called, is a must see when you are in Tomar. Many thanks to Sérgio for the afternoon. We were very excited!

4. Walk along the promenade of Costa Nova If a place manages to put us in the holiday mood within minutes, then we have it already won. For the colorful houses along the beach promenade of Costa Nova we were hooked right from the start (and not just because they are an excellent photo motif). Despite the variety of colours, the Fischerort seems pleasantly sleepy, very simple and harmonious – simply likeable.

5. Sunrise in Serra da Estrela Time: 6 am. Outside temperature: 0 degrees Celsius. Granted, we could think of more enticing ways to start the day. However, when you are greeted with such a beautiful sunrise right on the doorstep of the hotel, you can’t help but fall head over heels in love with the place. Dear Portugal, we realized (for the second time now): you’re pretty good!

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Have you ever been to Centro de Portugal? What were your highlights? We look forward to your comment!