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Yucatan Highlights Contiki Journal: Day 5

September 2, 2014

Day 5: Cancun
It was a huge struggle to get out of bed this morning. After an incredible time out the previous night, I’m surprised I managed to get up for breakfast and make my way to the hotel lobby to meet up with our tour manager by 9.15am. Today was an optional activities day. This meant that people from our Contiki could either choose one of the extra activities that Contiki provided for an extra cost, or they could have some free time during the day to do whatever they pleased. Some of the optional activities included swimming with the whale sharks, all-inclusive drink boat ride across to Isla Mujeres, and what we had selected – the Mayan Jungle excursion at an additional $110 each.

As we sat on the bus for the next hour to the Mayan Jungle I was definitely regretting my decision to drink and party so hard the night before. The thought of trying to keep my stomach together while taking part in all of these wild jungle adventure activities wasn’t looking good. But as soon as the group of us arrived and crammed our way into the back of the truck, and bounced and twisted our way through the jungle, the fresh air worked wonders and I was ready for an action-packed day.

Our Mayan Jungle exclusion began in our first cenote in a little cave, where we took part in a traditional Mayan ceremony. From then onwards, we swam in many different amazing cenotes around the area and even tried some interesting techniques to enter them. We abseiled down the rocks into one cenote, as well as zip-lined into another (I may or may not have almost lost my bikini bottoms in this one). We also went scuba diving through an enormous underground cenote which was pitch-black and eerily quiet. We were led in there by our tour guide and just one little flash light –  it was an incredible experience. After we had eaten lunch and dried off, it was time for a few above ground activities. We took two zip-lines across the canopy of the Mayan jungle. Surprisingly, the scariest part of the whole experience was actually making our way up the rickety wooden bridge to the top of the zip-line rather than the actual zip-line itself. Overall, it was a fantastic day and I definitely recommend this optional activity to anyone else going on the Yucatan Highlights Contiki!

[Sorry for the lack of photos, I don’t have an underwater camera]

Yucatan Highlights Contiki Journal: Day 5

It was crazy that it was our last night on Contiki tonight. The time had definitely flown by and it was weird to think that we would all be parting our separate ways the next day. We spent our last night together with an included dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant nestled on the beach. After my lack of Mexican food the previous night (and a dislike for seafood), I opted for the chicken fajitas! The others sank their teeth into some fresh fish fillet and seafood spaghetti.

The night ended up at Palazzo, another club in the Cancun strip. This clubs theme was the red light district and the main features were the stages throughout the dance floor with women wearing little to nothing putting on a show, as well as a crazy pole dancing contest. It was definitely a very male-orientated club, and I don’t think I’d go back again. I didn’t have a very big night though, as I was still hungover from the night before. So I ended up just paying for my entry rather than the all-inclusive drinks special. Somehow despite the lack of booze, we didn’t make it back to the hotel until 4am!

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  • Reply Cody January 14, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    I will be going on this trip in a few weeks and was wondering roughly how much spending money you went through??
    Thanks 🙂

    • Reply Kelly Ross January 14, 2015 at 9:05 pm

      Hi Cody,

      I can’t give you an exact amount but I know that I went through a lot more money than I was expecting! This is because most of the places that the tour visits are quite touristy, that way the restaurants and shops generally bump up the prices for food and drinks. You will need to buy around 10 extra meals that aren’t included. Our tour group usually went out together as a group to restaurant recommended by our guide, which were often between $20-30 which is pricey for Mexico. However, if you are wanting to stick to a tighter budget, it is easy enough to get cheap food from street stalls for under $5-10.

      As for optional activities, they were mostly between $100-150 (if I remember correctly). Also keep in mind that going out to the clubs in Cancun can cost about $60-70 per night for the all-inclusive deal, which I highly recommend! 🙂 Have an incredible time! x

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